"I CAN..." Statements

lesson objectives posted on the whiteboard
"I can" statements are relatively new. Yes, there were always objectives, but most of the time the students didn't really know what the learning objective was, at least in my experience...not really. I love "I can" statements because the objectives are written in kid friendly language. The students know exactly what they are learning.

A couple of years ago I started adding language objectives. (SIOP)  I love it!  It lets the students know, not only WHAT they will be learning, but HOW they will demonstrate their understanding.

At the beginning of each lesson, we go over both the Content Objective (the "what"), and the Language Objective (the "how"). How will the students SHOW you what they've learned today? Will they show you through listening, speaking, reading, or writing?  Or through a combination of skills?

When I write the language objective I really think about the verb. What will the students be doing?

I am an ESOL teacher, and most of my instruction happens inside the mainstream classroom, so I am constantly on the go.  (Oh how I wish I could wear roller skates!) I am typically in about 6 different classrooms each day. This means that I have to take my objectives with me, so... I've made portable versions!  Here's an example...

Easy to make portable objectives!
I know the students love having "I Can" statements too.  They always ask, "what are we learning today?"  And I usually respond with..."Well...let's look at our objectives! :)"  I don't know about you, but nowadays, if you DON'T have the objectives posted during a lesson, and an administrator comes in to observe you, you will get dinged for not having them posted.

Here's a quick tutorial on how I put together this easy portable objective board.

Next, I printed out my objective frame. (FREEBIE!)

Then, I slid the craft paper and the objectives frame into the plastic picture frame. I also put a piece of zebra print duct tape along the back to keep the papers secured...and viola! Your portable objectives frame is ready to go!  :)

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  1. Hello - I am a career changer currently in graduate school for TESOL, doing research online tonight, and I think this idea is fantastic, especially for elementary students. Thank you so much for sharing, and I am happy to have discovered your blog!