My Classroom

OK are the "before" pictures!  This year I am sharing a trailer with 2 other teachers. Let's see how we can define own spaces AND make an inviting learning environment for the students who come to work with us in here!

As you can see, it's dark. There are no carpets. And it needs a LOT of TLC.  I'm open to any and all suggestions!! Otherwise, I'll be posting "after" pics (good or bad) in a couple of weeks!  Stay tuned...

***UPDATE!***  Finishing up month #1 and I realized that I needed to post pics of my set-up classroom! Turns out that instead of three teachers in a trailer, there are only two of us!

Here is my table. I provide "push-in" support much of the day, but I do "pull-out" my newcomers (beginning English language learners) and my math groups, so this is where I work with them.  

Felt divider acts as my reading word wall.

View from my teacher desk.
 My room mate's side.

My view sitting at my reading table looking towards the Smartboard.

A little reading nook in the corner.

My desk is in the far corner behind the bookcase.

Well, this is my space this year. It's cozy out here in trailer town. 

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