A Peek Inside My Classroom

This year I am teaching grades 2, 3 & 4. I am a huge believer in the push-in model of instruction for ESOL students, so "my classroom" is typically whichever classroom my students are in. On occasion though, I may need to pull-out a small group, so I thought we'd take a peek inside my classroom. This is my 3rd year at this particular school, and the third space I've called home. I'm not complaining, my space has gotten larger each year; and for the first time in 10 years, I am not sharing it with other teachers!!

Word Study
My reading table...where the magic happens!! In the classrooms, where I usually support students, my space is typically sitting on the carpet, so this table is a welcomed change for the times that I do use it. Whether the focus is word study, guided reading, vocabulary building activities, or writing, my students find it to be a comfortable place to learn and practice their English language skills.

So, welcome to my room:)

Each time I get a new student, I add their
native country's flag to the world map.
They love seeing their flag up there! 

Students chose computer time for a 
"Fun Friday" activity.

Word Work 

Keeping my daily plans organized. Staying organized is half the battle, right?!?!
(Today is Monday afternoon, so Monday's bin is empty,
and now I'm ready for Tuesday & Wednesday!)

This wall is fabric, so I've used T-pins to hang up my displays.

I LOVE using these magazines for non-fiction text!
They are also great for differentiating!

          Daily Objectives

CAFE Board, Idiom of the Week display & seasonal word wall

My bookcases house all of my teaching materials,
guided reading book sets, games, and student files.

My reading table:-)

I just LOVE looking around other teachers' classrooms.
I always see so many great ideas. 
Thank you for stopping by mine!  


  1. Hi Kristen! My name is Susan and I love your new Blog Design! Megan created mine as well! I've been a push-in resource teacher as well, so I understand how good it feels to finally have a space of your own! Your students are very fortunate to have you! I would love for you to stop by my blog and join my new linky party!


  2. Oh my! Hi Susan:) I'm so excited that someone has stopped by to say hi! I will try my darnedest to join your linky party, but honestly, I'm not sure even know what the means...HA! This is my current mountain...blogging! OK...I'm going over to give it a shot:) If you don't hear from me, send out the Marines;) (Love your blog!!)