Creating a Vocabulary Office for Beginning English Learners

You'll definitely find THIS resource in my classroom! It's covered in vocabulary words and pictures, and it supports student independence. It's a year-long tool, and students LOVE it!  It's a Vocabulary Office for beginning English learners. As I'm getting my beginning of the year resources together to support my ELs, I thought I'd do a quick post to show how I put together a vocabulary office for my newcomers.

Viola!!  This office provides students with basic everyday vocabulary that will support them in their writing, spelling, reading and vocabulary development.  It encourages independence during student centered activities which is great for building students' confidence. And, it's perfect for a primary writing center!! My students love their offices! This year I'm trying them on the big kids, fifth and sixth grade newcomers. I thought I'd put theirs in folders....looks a little more grown up;) If you think this resource would benefit your students, take a closer look here.

Happy teaching everyone!  I hope you have a wonderful year!


  1. Go with the folders- you'll love them! That's how mine are set up. I put some blank writing paper in between each page in case there was a word they wanted to add that went with the category.


  2. That's a great idea, I'll try that! Thanks Maria;)

  3. OMG!!! This is the best idea ever.
    Got to your blog thanks to the iteach bilinguals linky....LOVE your ideas.


  4. Thank you Kelly! It was my first "I Teach" Linky, so I'm so glad that you found me because of it:)